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Made-to-Order  Drop Leg/Thigh Quiver


For those who dont need the bulk of a field/hip quiver, or just don't want to have to listen to their arrows clanking around as they walk to their next target.  This quiver attaches like a drop-leg firearm holster, where it attaches to your belt and around your leg close to your knee.  The quiver angles your arrows rearward to keep them out of the way while you shoot and when you pull your arrows, but keeps them in an easily accessible to draw and replace.  


Each quiver is sized to a specific arrow range based on the diameter of the point.  If you are unsure of what size you need, or you are running aftermarket components (like Iron Will field points) please message me with your arrow setup (the more information the better) before ordering so we can work out the sizing of your quiver.  The quivers are not currently adjustable for different sizes (sooner or later I'll figure that out, but not today.)


These pieces have a good amount of real-estate on the front for laser-engraved designs and pictures.  If that's something you might want to add to your quiver, please contact me.

Pocket Quiver Product Launch/FAQ Video on YouTube:

If you are unsure what size you need for your arrow setup, please message me with the following information:

1. What make/model are your arrows?
2. Are you using glue-in points or inserts and screw-in points?
3. If you are shooting small or micro diameter arrows, are you using outserts and screw in points, or are you using glue-in points. If using outserts, what size are your screw-in points (most are 5/16")?

There are 5 sizes currently available:

.166ID w/Glue-In Points

.204ID w/Glue-In Points

Standard Dia Arrows: ~.246ID. Small diameter arrows with outserts and screw-in points may fit securely in this size (still figuring those out, TBH)

Mid-Sized Target Shafts: ~23/64ID

Large Diameter Target Shafts: ~27/64ID

Once again, if you are unsure of what size you need, please message me and we will figure things out.

The design of these quivers will evolve as I learn all the things I didn't know I didn't know.

Thank you for your time.

Drop Leg/Thigh Quiver