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Custom molded archery release carrier/holster. Made to order from kydex, boltaron, or holstex (depending on color).

All holsters come standard with a belt clip that fits up to 1.5". If you need something different (or are looking to attach your holster to something other than your belt), please  message me before you place your order with what you're looking to do and I will reply with some options.

Looking for a holster for a release or a color than isn't listed? Contact me and we can work out an arrangement.


Other custom items and options available including, but not limited to Quivers, custom laser engraving, retention strap options, tandem holsters, phone holsters etc... Please fill out the contact form below for more info or questions

Sales Pitch (optional reading):

Why should the handgun community have all the fun?

Are you tired of dropping your release in your pocket or fishing around an oversized release pouch to find your thumb release or hinge? Are you a hunter who has to weigh every ounce and needs a secure but accessible place to put your release? Ever lose one after you clipped it to your d-loop? Or are you just looking a new way to accessorize your setup that hasn't been done before?

This holster will hold your release securely right where you need it and then draw out smoothly, ready to go.


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