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Custom Archery Release Holster (redesigned interface)


There is a color chart in the photos.  Please write in your chosen colors in the comments for the holster and the color for the retention strap (if you want one).  I had to modify the listing to accomodate all the new additional attachment options.  


If your release is not listed, please do not purchase a holster for a release that "looks" like yours.  Each holster is molded for a specific release, and other releases are not going to fit into it properly.  


If you cannot find your release in the listings or are not sure what selection to make, please message me with a photo of your release.   If I have it, I will direct you to where it is listed and the proper option.


The attachment options are:

Soft Loops in your choice of sizes. These can be used to attach to a strap or MOLLE webbing. I will try to color-match your Holster or retention strap, but if you'd like a different color, please let me know.

1.75" belt clip (same design as the 1.5", just made for wider belts)

MOLLE Lok clip - this option works as a locking belt clip and is thin enough to attach to a MOLLE panel. I am setting up the attachment points so the clip can be mounted vertically or horizontally (depending on where you are planning to attach it.)

If you are ordering soft loops with a holster, you will also receive a 1.5" belt clip and spacers.


If a release comes in one size but has different versions with a different number of fingers
2F: Two Finger
3F: Three Finger
4F: Four Finger

If a release comes in different sizes and/or has changeable finger attachments:
2S: Two Finger Small
3S: Three Finger Small
4S: Four Finger Small
2M: Two Finger Medium
3M: Three Finger Medium
4M: Four Finger Medium
2L: Two Finger Large
3L: Three Finger Large
4L: Four Finger Large
2XL: Two Finger Extra Large
3XL: Three Finger Extra Large
4XL: Four Finger Extra Large
2XXL: Two Finger Extra Extra Large
3XXL: Three Finger Extra Extra Large
4XXL: Four Finger Extra Extra Large 


Returns and exchanges will be treated on a case-by-case basis.  If I make a mistake and your order is incorrect, I will correct it as soon as possible.  


If the return or exchange is the result of customer error or failure to review this item description, I will most likely provide a light roast and try to work it out.

Carter Insatiable Series


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